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Six basic steps in the adoption process:

  1. Orientation. Attend an informational meeting to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.
  2. Preparation and selection. Attend MAPP, a required parenting and training course (free).
  3. Family study. An adoption specialist will get to know you and your family by visiting your home and meeting your family to discuss your personal history, family interests and lifestyle.
  4. Home study and application approval. Once your home study is approved, you can inquire about children based on your family’s strengths.
  5. Matching children and families. Once a child has been matched with your family, the meeting and visitation process begins. If everything goes well, the child will then move into your home.
  6. Adoption finalization. Once placed, there is a supervision period before the adoption process is completed and the court finalizes the adoption.