Meet Yasmen & Israel.

These two children are close and wish to be together. We are currently seeking a family that resides in the state of Florida.

Yasmen is described as the leader of the pack wherever she goes. She loves playing soccer, doing gymnastics and going to church. Yasmen has shared that she wants to be a police officer when she grows up.

Date of Birth: 5/2013
Adoption Number: 108134028

Israel is a very friendly, outgoing boy. He loves to ride his bike, play in the park, and run off his energy outside. When Israel is indoors he enjoys watching cartoons and eating popcorn.

Date of Birth: 4/2017
Adoption Number: 10813398

Yasmen and Israel will remain together as a sibling group of two. We will only consider families who are open to both of them. A family must be open to maintaining contact with their birth siblings.