Project Description

Rylan is a fun loving boy who enjoys being outdoors at parks, riding his scooter or hover board, or just catching lizards. He also enjoys reading mythology books, his bible, and playing video games. He would love to participate in karate and play on a baseball team. He works hard in school and his favorite classes include science and art. Rylan is passionate about learning and is a very inquisite boy.   He enjoys researching on the internet to search for all the answers to many the questions he has.  He is enthusiastic about helping out at home but needs some prompting to stay on task with chores and preparing meals. He plays well with other children his age and younger. Rylan loves having pets and spending time playing with them at home.  Rylan is not a fussy eater and enjoys a wide variety of foods (but not spicy foods).

Date of Birth: 9/2010

Adoption Number: 102042842