Ethan is a quiet, adorable young man. He enjoys watching movies-especially Ice Age and Mike the Knight. He also enjoys playing in bounce houses and watching cartoons. He can become fixated on watching television if you let him. Ethan relies on others for his basic needs. He is non-verbal and expresses himself mostly by loud noises and humming. He has a great laugh which rumbles from the bottom of his soul and will put a smile on your face. He usually keeps to himself, makes noises and does not interact with other kids. His caregivers are helping him work on interacting more with other kids and it appears to be improving. They have also been working on him participating in social activities however Ethan does not like to be around large crowds. He can become upset and frustrated. Ethan enjoys positive reinforcement (candy, electronics, verbal praise). He would do well in a home that is able to provide him with the constant care he needs and can also help him reach his full potential.

Date of Birth: 2/07

Adoption Number: 12465239