We are only considering families who are open to adopting all the listed children in this sibling group.

Alain, Alex and Ayden are sweet, loving brothers. Alain is the leader who is independent, a good conversationalist and asks loads of questions. He can be very helpful around the house. Alain likes school especially math. Alain has significant food allergies that will need ongoing care. Alex is active, full of energy and animated. He is loyal, giving and likes to follow his big brothers lead. Ayden can say very sweet things and likes to tell others he loves them. He loves to receive attention and praise. Alain, Alex and Ayden enjoy riding their bikes, jumping on the trampoline and playing actively outdoors. The boys need a family who can help them learn to regulate their strong emotions, provide constant supervision with firm and loving structure.

Alain Date of Birth: 9/14
Alain Adoption Number: 104360866

Alex  Date of Birth: 9/15
Alex  Adoption Number: 105273241

Alain Date of Birth: 5/17
Alain Adoption Number: 106142499